O Canals! O London: An Interview with Ruby Throat’s KatieJane Garside

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Ruby Throat, comprised of Brtis KatieJane Garside and Chris Whittingham, were one of those bands that transported me as soon as I heard Garside’s frail but steady voice, a flashlight bobbing through rocky woods in the darkness.  I first heard them when I reviewed The Ventriloquist for PopMatters in 2009.   Continue reading

Armies of Her Heart: The Elizaveta Interview

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One of the most exciting musical discoveries to come my way is the New York-born, Soviet-raised, classically-and-operatically trained Elizaveta, whose debut album Beatrix Runs is filled with drama and grace. Known as much for her elaborate headdresses as her piano stylings, Elizaveta guarantees an amazing concert, whether she considers herself in top form or is fighting off a cold in Capitol Studios to record an iTunes session release, which is out today via iTunes.

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“Maybe the Music Industry Needs Killing”: The Penelope Houston interview

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There are few artists as versatile, tenacious, and groundbreaking still working today as Penelope Houston. Famous for her role in the Avengers, Houston also spends time writing more singer-songwriter material, as on her divine latest release, On Market Street.  Houston has an enviable savvy about the music industry.  Also, she is an accomplished visual artist. No one knows where she finds the time, but we’re glad she does. Read the interview with her below the cut. Continue reading

“Pretty Caveman-like, Actually:” The Rebecca Gates Interview

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  It’s been 11 years since former Spinanes frontwoman Rebecca Gates released a solo album, but she hasn’t been resting on her laurels in that time. Rather, between curating art shows and making sound installations, she’s been recording her new record The Float over the span of all these years and several cities.  And finally we get to hear the result of that hard work.

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New, new, new!

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I’m embarrassed at how much I’ve neglected this site. Doing so much work for other sites, I realized I was losing the vision of why I started this site. Which was not because I thought I would get thousands of hits or become the Next Big Thing in music journalism, but because I wanted to talk to musician I like and hopefully ask thought-provoking questions and share that with you.  An interview I did the other day put all this back in perspective for me.  I also decided to rethink the way I’ve been posting interviews, so there will be a new format where the interviews will be in blog posts instead of linked to separate pages.  I think that will be more user-friendly.  I’m working away at transcribing and preparing content for the site.  Be on the lookout Tuesday when I post an interview with Rebecca Gates (formerly of the Spinanes) about her new solo record. Also to come are interviews with Penelope Houston (of the Avengers and solo work), Ruby Throat, Stevie Jackson (of Belle and Sebastian and now of solo work) and hopefully a whole mess of other interviews.  Thanks for reading. xoxo

An Interview with Nude on Sand

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Jenny Hval is a busy lady, writing brilliant albums like last year’s Viscera, her side project, Nude on Sand, and her forthcoming sound installation, “Innocence is Kinky.”  Fortunately, she had the time to answer a few questions at:  http://euterpesnotebook.com/nude-on-sand-strikes-a-pose-an-interview-with-jenny-hval/

Wild Bird Unchained: An Interview With Morley

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Despite releasing four albums, playing festivals aroudn the world with bands like Tinariwen, and recording with the likes of Joan Wasser (Joan As Police Woman), NYC-based Morley has stayed tragically under the radar. She possess a voice wise beyond her years and an inspiring global vision, not just through her music, but through her activism and willingness to reach out to people. Here, we discuss that, and her new album, Undivided.

Rediscovering Europe: the ‘Allo Darlin Interview

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Half British, Half Australian, ‘Allo Darlin is totally fun, and that comes through on their recent release,Europe. The record has a blissful pop easiness about it, and that’s refreshing. Neither twee nor pretentious, Europe is full of catchy pop hooks and pithy songwriting. Here I talk with bassist-vocalist Bill Botting.

Shuffle. Play. Listen. Repeat: The Christopher O’Riley Interview

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Pianist  and media personality Christopher O’Riley keeps himself busy, to say the least.  He hosts NPR’s “From the Top,” a show celebrating classical music among children. He performs around the world, and is noted for playing shows as eclectic as one comprised entirely of Schumann and Elliott Smith pieces. A constant innovator of both classical and pop music (notably Radiohead), O’Riley is also stunningly well-read and in possession of a winningly dry sense of humor. Here, he talks about his eclectic new record  Shuffle. Play. Listen., what band is the “wannabe Radiohead,” stair machine reading, and his love of Skinny Puppy.

The Peter Broderick Interview Part Two: Http://Itstartshear.com

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On the second part of our Peter Broderick interview, we discuss Peter’s latest multimedia extravaganza!  Check it out here.